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"Our company is introducing a new product to medical device manufacturers and we’ve relied heavily on Scott's insights and recommendations to help us understand the market and how best to identify and approach potential customers. His broad technical and marketing skills and his specific knowledge of the medical device industry have made it possible for him to provide information targeted to our specific needs that has helped us tremendously."

Coating Technology Company
"Mr. Russell's experience in process development, surface treatments, raw material selection, and testing was essential to establishing our in-house manufacturing processes. He also has a wealth of practical experience in areas such as process validation, integrating with the company's quality assurance program, training employees of all levels from technician to engineer, understanding the business and financial objectives of the customer, and the logistics of establishing an efficient high-volume manufacturing line."

R&D Director,
Midsize Orthopedic Company
"We had some challenges obtaining repeatable results with our Nitinol fabrication process. Scott came in for a day and gave the engineers an excellent overview on key issues in Nitinol processing. We were then able to identify the key issues, debug our processes and get back into production. I highly recommend Scott as he is quite knowledgable on Nitinol and is an excellent educator."

Chief Technology Officer,
Medical Device Startup
"Scott's assistance was essential in helping us solve some complex Nitinol processing issues. His knowledge of and experience working with Nitinol is extensive, he knows everyone in the industry, and is one of the best consultants we have worked with in any area."

Vice President of R&D,
Medical Device Startup